Monday, February 6, 2017

Online Info Blog: Tips on protecting yourself from fraud

Fraud prevention is one of our primary and constant concerns in today’s world where modern technology reigns. Follow these simple steps to help keep you fraud-free:

1. Be sensitive and suspicious enough in giving your personal information to a person or organization you are dealing with online. Fraudster tricks their victims into revealing confidential information using an ample amount of information they have on you.

2. Any online account you have will definitely have a password to prevent unauthorized people from modifying your account. In this case, it is wise to choose or generate a password that is strong enough and cannot be easily guessed by anyone.

3. ATM’s or cash machines are a popular method of withdrawing money. It is of great help but there are also various ways in which ATMs can be used to work against us. Thus, it is better to become extra careful in using ATM’s or cash machines because there’s a possibility that an installed device are attached that clones or traps your card. Based on studies, around 100,000 people a year fall victim to fraud related to skimmed or cloned debit and credit cards.

4. Many fraudsters will send an email claiming that they are from the bank and will require you to click a link and follow a certain instruction, when incident similar to this happened, ignore it the email.

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